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Greco Lean & Fit 4 Life

While the spirit may be willing to push through the rigors and stresses of today's life, experts say, by the time you're 50 or older, your body needs a little extra attention if you are to benefit in both the short and the long run. This is why Greco has designed a program specifically targeting people 50 plus. Many gyms are not set up for this paradigm change. This is important for those who have not exercised in the past or who have become sedentary in recent years, due to work and family obligations. The longer it has been since you set foot inside a gym, the more you are going to rely on your instructors to guide you along the way.

Lean & Fit 4 Life is intended to be a revolutionary fitness concept of strength, flexibility and endurance. Which will not only be used to stabilize and support your foundation, but allow you to be stronger, faster, and more energetic in you day to day living! The program will provide you with the latest knowledge and tools necessary to fuel the body. Your muscles, ligaments, bones, spine and nerves have specific nutritional needs to operate at maximum capacity. This course is uniquely designed with your body's nutritional demands in mind to complete the picture for the essential elements to survive and thrive.

Greco's certified trainers, doctors, medical advisers and expert nutritionists provide the best platform for all of our clients to formulate and follow the course in the best means possible. The benefits of a life style change are limitless, improved weigh maintenance, prevention of heart disease, lower risk of diabetes, ease arthritic symptoms, prevention of osteoporosis, increase of muscle mass and endurance, control of hypertension and cholesterol levels, restores balance and of course creates a more toned physique.